West Norwood / Spurgeon College

The Spurgeons enjoyed living in peaceful neighborhood of West Norwood, probably a good place to rest from their busy ministry in the center of London. West Norwood is the site of the current Spurgeon College. The college, which originally met at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, trained men to be pastors. Spurgeon gave lectures to the students every Friday, sometimes hosting them at his home. Referring to the work of preaching, Spurgeon said "To preach the Gospel myself, and to train others to do it, is my life's object and aim." Spurgeon always had a focus on the gospel, and encouraged that focus in his students. He taught them to be direct in their teaching and to speak plainly, as he did in his sermons. In addition to preaching and teaching others to preach, Spurgeon opened orphanages, helped with local and foreign missionary work, encouraged Sunday School ministry, and published books.

Pictures of West Norwood and Spurgeon College
spurgeon road spurgeon road spurgeon road
Spurgeon Road, near Spurgeon's home in West Norwood
westwood college spurgeon oak grave
Westwood Language College for Girls, where Spurgeon's home once stood the Spurgeon Oak, under which Spurgeon once lectured students C.H. and Susanna Spurgeon's grave at West Norwood Cemetery
grave grave grave
C.H. and Susanna Spurgeon's grave at West Norwood Cemetery
grave grave college
C.H. and Susanna Spurgeon's grave at West Norwood Cemetery outside Spurgeon College
college college college
outside Spurgeon College at Spurgeon College
college college college
at Spurgeon College
college college college
manuscript of a sermon on Romans 4:3-4 pulpit from the church where Spurgeon was converted
college college college
an exciting yard sale find page of a bible that survived a fire at the Metropolitan Tabernacle engraving noting the establishment of Spurgeon College
college college college
sign noting the officers of Spurgeon College plaque for the first missionary martyr graduate of Spurgeon College plaque at Spurgeon College
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1857: Pastor's College opens to train men to be pastors. Meets at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

1880: The Spurgeons move to Westwood.

1892: Spurgeon dies and is buried in the West Norwood Cemetery. By this time the college had trained nearly 900 men for ministry.

1923: Pastor's College renamed Spurgeon's College and moves to its present building.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892): Although he had little formal Bible training, he was called the "prince" of preachers because his powerful sermons impacted so many people. He started many ministries to strengthen the Church, reach people with the gospel, and help poor children. He formed a pastor's college to train other men to preach, and wrote many books.

Susannah Spurgeon (1832 - 1892): C.H. Spurgeon's wife who prayed for him constantly and was a source of encouragement. She gave spiritual advice to women and prepared female baptismal candidates. She started a ministry which provided Christian reading materials to poor ministers at a significant discount.

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